Zonk Online Scoresheet

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BricksFull House
TwinsRun Doses
III's2nd Hand Sraight
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How to use this form

Basic Input

When inputting your roll, you enter the dice you rolled as you kept them, delimited by commas.

Ex: If I roll all the dice and keep two 1's, then roll the remaining dice and get three 4's, I would input:


Ex: If you were to only keep a single 1 with each roll ending up with five 1's and 500 points you would enter:



If you have a zonk, just enter it as it came.

Ex: If you rolled three 1's, then zonked with a 2 and 4, you'd enter:


Run Doses

If you are playing with "Run Doses", the custom rules, you enter it as 2(*), replacing the * with your roll(no matter scoring or zonking). If you roll a 2 during Run Doses just enter what you finally end up with.

Ex: If you kept four dice(1155) then rolled one die, and got a 2, then rerolled it for another, then rerolled it a final time for a zonking 4 you would enter:



If you eddie(drop a die on the floor) simply enter an e for each die you dropped. No commas. No numbers.

Ex: If you dropped 2 dice you would enter: